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The Integrity Mission

Our aim is “great service at a good price” delivered by true IT professionals to public sector and commercial organizations. Integrity’s holistic approach to the customers’ environments ensures the design and recommendation of complete solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing, or newly configured server rooms/data centers. We consider all aspects of your enterprise and include all departments beyond IT to implement a complete solution which is fully usable, resilient, robust, and ultimately a positive return on your IT investment.

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Leading Technology Solutions Provider for Every Customer

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Solutions To Meet Every Need

Data Center (CORE Network)

Take your network to new heights with the greatest cutting-edge technology solutions quickly and easily! With Integrity, staying connected isn’t just a slogan; it is our dedicated promise to our customers. Our prominent and proven network solutions are time-tested and insure your connectivity to the world around you.
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Storage Area Network (SAN)

Your digital data assets need to be both secure and accessible. We will keep you connected to your data by providing quality management of your local and cloud date stores. Our custom designed storage solutions are created specifically to meet your unique requirements, while keeping your data safe!
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Virtualization (Server, Desktop, & Application)

In this age of growing technological advancements, more and more applications and functions are being virtualized. This brings new opportunities for distribution and efficient use of those services. Built on-premise, cloud-hosted, or hybrid, Integrity utilizes the solid foundations of leading hosting solutions to deliver your applications and services anywhere at anytime.
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Backup & DR

No one likes to think about worst-case scenarios, but we all also must prepare to face disaster when it happens. Integrity’s tools not only provide incremental and bit-level functional backups of your network data, but also dependable restores and rapid recovery after disaster strikes.
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Network Access Security

As the leader in your environment, it is your job to set the standard for who is allowed on your network, what information can be accessed, and which online portals can be reached from your network. Integrity’s manageable security solutions streamline the process of positioning and administering putting and managing policies to help create the most secure network possible.
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Devices are everywhere! If your desire is to allow these devices safe, secure, and controlled access to your network, then. Integrity has all of the tools you need! Bring users together while designating when, how, and where their devices connect.
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